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The Camera that does it all

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Blue skys!

This system near Borris in Carlow composes of Four Agricam 5 Megapixel ultra Low light Cameras and One Agricam PTZ Camera which is mounted on the Corner of the shed, allowing this customer to see the full way around the house and Yard.

Right under Mount Leinster here, with stunning views.

Agricam PTZ Camera

Security Cameras

The fitment of security Cameras is vitally Important, Fitting PTZ cameras is not always best as PTZ Cameras with there 360 Degree style can be pointing in the opposite dirrection of an intruder.

We find it best to have a Mix of Static security Cameras, Smart Alert Cameras and then a Agricam PTZ camera for general monitoring and just zooming in on stuff.

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