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Agricam Security camera company in ireland



Looking after livestock is a time consuming task at the best of times, but it is even more so during the calving, lambing or foaling seasons. Regular trips at all hours of the day to see if nature needs assistance quickly becomes wearing, especially on those occasion’s when nothing’s happening. A calving camera or lambing camera from AgriCam can help ease the burden!

AgriCam Autotrack

Agricam Smart tracking Cameras are Perfect for that large Area. The camera has built in Smart Alerts alongside the amazing smart Tracking Function.

Get that notification direct to your phone if a human or vehicle enter your property

We love a good Zoom

Optical Zoom at its finest!

This mast is some 7km Away, This camera located in Agricam HQ has some serious features!

Smart Detection, Autotracking and can read Reg plates.

Perfect for that busy Large Yard

High Quality

The Camera that just keeps giving.

Quality and reliability at its finest.

The Importance of not loosing quality when zooming in.

HIKVISION Cameras in ireland


Monitoring things remotely means that you are in control.


Quickly intervene at just the right time and Save money by saving more animals


Quicly check on your phone without having to physically check on your animals.


No more wasting time. Only check on your animals when they need you.

Yes, all of our cameras have built in night vision. This means that you will be able to see everything going on in your shed even in the pitch black.

Ireland Number 1 calving camera

How It Works

Our AgriCam systems work by sending live video wirelessly to your devices, such as your laptop, tablet, phone, or desktop. You can then easily control the camera’s position from your device. Getting set up is easy. Once you are setup you can monitor your animals in realtime from any location in the world.

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