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10 reasons that you need the big Daddy of Cameras

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

The big daddy of cameras comes in Two formats, the first which is slightly smaller than the second, But comes with a huge list of features

  • Auto tracking

  • Automatic voice over

  • Smart detection

  • line crossing

  • Strobe light

  • Customer alert

We have fitted this camera in nearly every county in Ireland. Its huge 36 times digital zoom is mind blowing as you can see in the video below.

The track machine in this image is over 600 meters away. Crystal Clear Picture even when the camera is zoomed in fully.

Don't forget night vision on this camera is approx 200m.

The BIG BIG Daddy 2

In comparison, the big big Daddy( Camera 2) has no strobe lights or no built-in Automatic voice detection but these are extras that can be added in, what it does have is a massive 48 times digital zoom along with

  • Smart tracking with some options

  • Face detection

  • Registration plate detection

  • Line detection

This means that it can do smart tracking alongside a feature. We currently have this camera set up here in Agricam HQ.

Firstly it alerts us to somebody entering the Yard, next its recorder stores the Registration plate of the car and lastly it follows the intruder everywhere they go while Alerting us on our Mobile Phone App in the process!!

Superior Zoom

In this video the Mast is nearly 6 km away and cant be seen from the naked eye.

The main difference in between the two cameras is the big big daddy has its own built in gyroscope along side bigger chips and lots more software making it a camera to be reckoned with, We find that if a human hides behind a car the big big Daddy nearly always finds them while the 36 times zoom Sometimes gives up.

The Nightvision on the big big daddy at 500 meters is incredible, the auto focus is incredible, being honest the whole camera is incredible.

Both of these Cameras are perfect for Large yards and depending on the following we can help advise which camera is suited for you

  • Height, the higher the camera the better

  • Obstacles- we love fitting these on the corner of a large shed or even on the Apex allowing the camera full coverage around the yard

  • Entrances- some yards have more than one Entrance and Exit

  • What Features you want- such as Alerts, Registration Plate- Strobe light, Automatic Voice. There's Loads of options and we can help you with these

A tired Seamus, testing the Autotracking system on a Big Daddy we recently installed. Here once someone enters the property the following sequence happens

  1. The Camera figures out what its looking at. Eg Human, Cat or Dog

  2. If its a human or a vehicle it zooms in and begins to follow

  3. It sends the owner an ALERT

  4. While still following the Human/ Vehicle it now plays a pre recorder message over its 80 DB speaker and begins to flash a bright white light at them

  5. It all the while keeps following until the Human/ Vehicle goes out of view

  6. After returning back to its preset viewing point it sends the video clip to your original Alert for you to easily find.

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