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In 2021 we started our Agricam Pedigree Herd with the purchase of two Angus Heifers from the mighty Gigginstown Herd, we soon followed suit with another stunning heifer from the Captains Hill dispersal Sale in Waterford.

Our Pedigree Highfold soon followed with us importing Six Breeding females from the north of Ireland.


Our Story

Our Story Starts with Galileo Girl, A beautiful Heifer sired by Aughnamora Nando, Shes a long stylish Heifer with Gorgeous Ears, Head and Backline, She really stood our on Sale day and had to come back to Agricam HQ, Her companion on the trip home was Gigginstown Decimation, a heifer sired by a bull from the legendry Luddenmore Herd. Luddenmore KingKong really produced a special heifer here. She's got some Beautiful Characteristics.

Next was Captains hill Selena, A stunning Show Heifer that Anyone would Fall in Love with. She came home to Agricam HQ in Calf and calving at the end of October 2021.

The Highland Fold holds a special place in our Hearts, These stunning animals all have there own unique Characteristics from Sandy, to Chewy to Morag.

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